A distributed platform for distributed infrastructure

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology provides a unique opportunity to connect stakeholders in new environments.

Microgrid infrastructure

A microgrid is a local utility grid with control capability, meaning it can operate autonomously and disconnected from the traditional grid. Many parts of the world, especially in emerging markets are moving towards microgrids as the primary source of water and energy connectivity for households and businesses.

The Nexsis Blockchain provides the technological overlay to this infrastructure, promoting efficient resource allocation, trading and asset investment.

Peer-to-peer generation and distribution

The low-friction nature blockchain technology allows micro water and energy producers to distribute excess resources, increasing competition and grid efficiency.

Smart contracts facilitate the real-time coordination of production data from Nexsis panels and third-party products, and execute contracts that allow for water and energy flows throughout the local microgrid. This promotes P2P transactions for grid redundancy, dynamic pricing opportunities, and optimal demand-supply balancing.

Connecting stakeholders

Nexsis Blockchain is a next-generation blockchain platform. Using the power and interoperability of Ethereum, the Nexsis Blockchain connects infrastructure stakeholders including users, operators, investors and governments in a secure, auditable and efficient data environment.

This environment will revolutionise access to capital and project finance, and unlock opportunities for investors in new projects that address utility and environmental challenges.

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